Teaching Experience

University of South Carolina

  • STAT 718: High-Dimensional Data (Spring 2021) [Syllabus]

  • STAT 714: Linear Statistical Models (Fall 2020) [Syllabus]

University of Florida

  • STA 3024: Introduction to Statistics II (Spring 2016) [Syllabus]

Letters of recommendation

If you are a current or former student who would like me to write you a letter of recommendation, please ask me as early as possible. If I agree to write a letter, you will need to provide me with:

  • a list of the programs you are applying to and their application deadlines

  • a list of classes you have taken from me and the grades you earned

  • a description of the highlights of your work from those classes (e.g. assignments, class projects, etc.)

  • a resume or CV and a personal statement

  • specific attributes or accomplishments I should highlight in my letter.