We are looking for highly motivated students to work in the areas of high-dimensional statistics, scalable inference, Bayesian statistics, and deep learning!

PhD students

I am only able to serve as the PhD advisor for students who are currently enrolled in the Statistics PhD program at the University of South Carolina (USC). If you are interested in applying to the Statistics PhD program at USC but are not yet enrolled there as a student, please visit the USC Statistics graduate program information page for information about applying. Note that PhD students are admitted by the department, not by individual faculty, and I do not agree to advise applicants who have not yet been accepted to the USC Statistics PhD program.

If you have passed the Statistics PhD Qualifying Exam at USC, please feel free to e-mail me to discuss possible research opportunities. Priority for PhD advising is given to students who have strong interest or prior experience in one or more of the following areas: (i) high-dimensional modeling/scalable inference, (ii) Bayesian statistics, or (iii) deep learning. Strong programming skills and a strong background in mathematical analysis, linear/matrix algebra, and numerical optimization or Bayesian computation (e.g. MCMC) are also very helpful. However, potential advisees who are very self-motivated and willing to independently develop the necessary mathematical foundation and coding skills will be considered.

My students mainly work on methodological research but may also work on applications and statistical theory. My PhD students are typically supported as Teaching Assistants (TA) for the USC Department of Statistics or as Research Assistants (RA) if I have funding for specific projects.

I am also happy to collaborate with other graduate students who are not my PhD advisees. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any research ideas.

Undergraduate and Masters students

Feel free to reach out to me about research opportunities. Priority is given to students with whom I have interacted before through courses or other opportunities. You must have taken at the minimum STAT 511-512 and MATH 344 or MATH 544 (or their equivalent at another institution) to work with me. Students who have experience with R or Python are preferred.

Postdocs, visiting researchers, and summer internships

I do not currently have any openings for postdocs, visiting researchers, or summer interns.

Current group members and alumni