I am not teaching in Fall 2023. In Spring 2024, I will be teaching STAT 721: Stochastic Processes.

All of my class webpages are on Blackboard. If you are one of my students, please check Blackboard regularly for announcements and class materials. Below are the most recent syllabi and class schedules from all of my past, current, and upcoming courses.

  • STAT 517: Advanced Statistical Models
    Undergraduate course covering generalized linear models (GLMs), random effects and mixed effects models, and nonparametric and semiparametric models
    [Fall ’22 Syllabus] [Fall ’22 Class Schedule]

  • STAT 714: Linear Statistical Models
    Graduate course covering matrix algebra, estimation and inference for linear models, Gauss Markov and generalized least squares models, and shrinkage methods
    [Fall ’22 Syllabus] [Fall ’22 Class Schedule]

  • STAT 718: High-Dimensional Data
    Graduate course covering supervised learning, unsupervised learning, methodology for big data, numerical optimization, and deep learning and deep generative models
    [Spring ’23 Syllabus] [Spring ’23 Class Schedule]

  • STAT 721: Stochastic Processes
    Graduate course covering point processes, mathematical finance, Gaussian processes, reinforcement learning, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), and Dirichlet processes
    [Spring ’24 Syllabus] [Spring ’24 Class Schedule]